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A Bit About Us

360 Business Solutions is an IT Consulting & Training organization founded with a passion to help individuals start businesses without the hassle of worrying about the technical and training tasks while receiving high quality product and services at affordable rates.

Our Skills

Website Development
Software Training
Classroom Training
Webinar Development
Program Development
Orientation Program Development
Mentoring program development
Training manuals
Checklists development
SharePoint Site Development
SharePoint Training

About Founder

Simone had a vision to contribute her skill sets and experience from Corporate America to helping individual startups and small businesses to receive same high quality product and services at affordable rates.

With her expertise of offering training and development, IT consulting, business analysis for small to large-sized organizations across the USA and internationally, came the birth of 360 Business Solutions.

Simone led many projects to success from fitness to healthcare industry for Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of roles. Some of her roles spanned from Business Analysis Team Lead, Training Team Lead, SharePoint Manager, Clinical Trainer, Project Manager to Talent Development Specialist for corporations from Enron, Cracker Barrel Corporate, Fluor Enterprises to MD Anderson Cancer Center.

She always demonstrated a passion for success and helping others and in all of her roles has left legacies of innovative programs still in place today. Some key achievements included:


Developed and launched a formal SharePoint training program for 1600 employees at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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  • Development of a global virtual mentoring program using Cisco technology
  • Development of two global orientation programs for new engineers and new leaders around the world
  • Implementation of a webinar program for 1600+ employees
  • Launched the first-ever expo on SharePoint adoption at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Launched the first-ever expo on SharePoint adoption at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Led the project migration of SharePoint software from 2010 to 2013 for the Facilities Management Division at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Meet The Team

Our 15+ years experience spans across the USA and internationally across a variety of industries including Fortune 500 companies. Experience in Healthcare, Construction Engineering, Oil & Gas, Health & Fitness, Insurance, Financial Services, Security and Religion industries.


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Training & Development Lead

Website Designer

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